VAC1234-8i Fully automatic air conditioning service unit for R1234yf with VDA homologation

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VAC1234-8i Fully automatic air conditioning service unit for R1234yf with VDA homologation

In order to perform a professional service of the air conditioning system, an OE approved AC service station must be used.

Robinair VAC1234-8i is the Volkswagen AC machine approved type.
The fully-automatic service unit meets the highest requirements for servicing air conditioning systems either on cars and on commercial vehicles.

Designed for hybrid A/C systems according to German car manufacturers (VDA) specifications, SAE and European standards.

New Refrigerant Identification procedure according to the VDA standards with purity check percentage at 95% (R1234yf)

Advantages at a glance

  • Refrigerant purity check: automatic with VDA refrigerant identifier
  • High level of recovery rate: Deep Recovery Function
  • N2/N2H2 leak test: Automatic
  • High level of vacuum rate thanks to Dual Stage Vacuum Pump
  • PAG/POE Injection Oil: Full Automatic
  • Premium Charge Accuracy: +/- 15 gr (Patented)
  • AC Vehicle Database: not available

Tech Specs:

Product Specs: 
Operating mode: Fully automatic and single function
Refrigerant: R1234yf
Refrigerant recovery: Automatic
Recovery accuracy / performance: > 99 %
Refrigerant analysis: Embedded
Oil recovery: Automatic with electronic scale
Vacuum: Automatic
Leak test: Automatic
Oil injection: Automatic with electronic scale PAG / POE injection
UV dye injection: Yes, automatic
Refrigerant charge: Automatic with electronic scale
Refrigerant charge accuracy: ±15 g
Flushing function: Available with optional kit
Printer: Embedded
Air purge system: Automatic, electronic control
A/C hybrid system compatibility: Yes
A/C system database: Embedded
User database: Yes
A/C system performance test: Yes
Inert gases leak detection (N2H2, N2, Nox, …) function: Yes
Wireless workshop network connection: Asanetwork Connected
Remote control from mobile: Yes
Remote control from mobile: Yes
Operating temperature: +10 °C / + 50 °C
Storage and transport temperature: -20 °C / + 60 °C
Power supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz
Power: < 1100 W
HP & LP panel valves: None
HP & LP pressure gauges: Yes, pulse-free
Internal tank pressure gauge: Digital
Service hoses and couplers: 2.5 m (extension: optional)
Display: Colour display7” (800 x 480 pixels) Colour depth 16 M
Compressor: 1/4 HP
Vacuum pump: Dual stage 170 l/min
Refrigerant tank capacity: 19.4 kg (usable)
IN oil tank: 2 x 250 ml (Sealed bottles with piston)
OUT: oil tank 1 x 250 ml
UV tank: 1 x 250 ml (Sealed bottles)
Inert gases leak detection: (N2H2, N2, Nox, …) kit: Optional
Wireless kit - dongle: Included
Software Updates: 
AC Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Unit