Database update R1234yf and R134a 10 Updates

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Database update R1234yf and R134a 10 Updates

Database update USB pendrive for all AC1234-xi and AC1x34-xi units.
It ensures, that the A/C of the vehicle is properly charged with the correct amount, according to the OEM specifications.

- One single pendrive for both refrigerant types (R-1234yf and R-134a)
- Encrypted and protected against copy
- For either end-users and distributor technicians
- No activation codes required
- Once the database was installed it won’t work on any other ACS machine - independent from refrigerant type chosen
- Multiple updates possible on same ACS unit in case of data restore required   

Car and light commercial vehicles A/C system refrigerant and oil quantities database:
- R-134a v10.112
- R-1234yf v11.72

* Refer to ACS unit user manual on how to install

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