AC1x34-3i P Fully automatic air conditioning service unit for R134a

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AC1x34-3i P Fully automatic air conditioning service unit for R134a

The AC1x34-3i P is the latest addition to the new Robinair Air Conditioning service unit family. It offers the perfect balance of performance and functionality, covering essential service tasks such as refrigerant recovery, recycling and refrigerant recharge. The product design and development focused on the essentials in order to provide the right solution for standard service and maintenance tasks on passenger cars and commercial vehicles, including hybrid and electric vehicles with R-134a based AC systems.

Operating mode: fully automatic and single service functions selectable
Refrigerant Recovery: automatic
Recovery Performance: up to 95%
Vacuum Performance measured on A/C system: < 500 micron
Oil Injection: automatic (PAG or POE)
Refrigerant Charge: ± 15 gram accuracy
Integrated Printer

Tech Specs:

Product Specs: 
Refrigerant: R-134a
Operating modes: Fully automatic
Refrigerant recovery: Automatic
Recovery performance: up to 95 %
Refrigerant identifier: Optional (external)
Oil recovery: Automatic (timed)
Vacuum leak test: Automatic
Oil injection: Automatic (PAG or POE)
Refrigerant charge: Automatic with electronic scale
Flushing function: Optional
Air purge system: Electronically controlled
HP & LP panel valves: Valveless
HP & LP pressure gauge: 100 mm pulse free Class 1
Service hoses length & specs: 2.5 m (5 m optional)
Compressor: 1/4 HP
Vacuum pump: 70 l/min (2.5 CFM)
Tank capacity: 10 l
Oil tanks: 2 x 250ml
Dimension: 99 x 69 x 67 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Power Supply: 230 50/60 Hz
Vehicle database: B50 Yes
Software Updates: 
AC Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Unit