AC1234-8 BFK

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AC1234-8 BFK

Fully Automatic ACS unit R1234yf with Refrigerant Identifier and Flushing kit

AC1234-8 is a service unit which performs maintenance of A/C systems with R-1234yf refrigerant. Robiniar has developed these fully automatic units in co-operation with car manufacturers to ensure an excellent maintenance of A/C systems of vehicles of the new generation.


  • The 15 gram precision level of the charge and recovery function has been reached thanks to the integrated electronic control of refrigerant pressure and temperature.
  • The AC1234 service units are provided with a cutting-edge technology that allows recovering over 99 % refrigerant from the vehicle.
  • The electronic scale system and 3 bottles with piston injection independent circuits prevent lubricants and tracers from being contaminated, resulting in an easier and faster maintenance of A/C systems even on hybrid vehicles.
  • The innovative graphic interface with colour display and the wide High and Low pressure gauges allow to constantly monitor the A/C system during all recharge phases. Service hoses and quick-release couplings comply with SAE J2888 and the highest quality standards. The fluid purity, essential condition for a correct maintenance of the new systems, is ensured by a integrated refrigerant identifier in the AC1234-8 station.
  • These models are provided with SD Card slot, Ethernet and USB ports, as well as a printer.

Tech Specs:

Product Specs: 
Refrigerant: R1234yf
Refrigerant Identifier: integrated
Vacuum Pump: 170 l/min
Hybrid ready: Yes
Embedded Flushing Kit
AC Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Unit