AC1234-7 Fully automatic air conditioning service unit for R1234yf

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AC1234-7 Fully automatic air conditioning service unit for R1234yf

Safe, climate change friendly, efficient. New standard to service R1234yf.

  • Fully-automatic – no manually operated valves
  • Powerful compressor with a capacity of 500 g/min
  • Extra large dryer filer cartridge of 700cc
  • 21 languages
  • Visual and acoustic signals in case of error messages and upon completion
  • Professional refrigerant management with evaluation of recovery and charge volume:
  • Integrated printer for detailed reports
  • Show results via USB, Bluetooth on PC (in preparation)
  • Deep Recovery Function – total recovery saves costs and protects the environment:
  • The intelligent electronic control of refrigerant weight, pressure and temperature guarantees a minimum of refrigerant waste at the service process.
  • The unit complies with SAE J2843 Standard
  • Maximum accuracy during recovery and flushing is based on +/- 15 gram
  • 95% of the refrigerant is evacuated from vehicle and hoses
  • Double-stage vacuum pump with delivery volume of 170 l/min
  • Integrated flushing program combined with optional flushing kit.
  • Automatic UV dye injection

Tech Specs:

Product Specs: 
Refrigerant Identifier: external (optional)
Vacuum Pump: 170 l/min
Hybrid ready: Yes
Software Updates: 
AC Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Unit