AC690PROyf Fully Automatic air conditioning unit for R-1234yf

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AC690PROyf Fully Automatic air conditioning unit for R-1234yf

AC690PROyf: The diagnostics innovation from Robinair for R-1234yf
The technologically advanced AC690PROyf delivers reliable workshop service and supports a healthy environment.
Technical competence allows safety, ease of operation, and precision.
The AC690PROyf ensures easy, timesaving, and precise service on modern R-1234yf air conditioning systems.
Robinair technology and attention to detail ensures equipment compliance with all applicable performance and safety standards including the R-1234yf refrigerant service equipment.
Simply perfect
Nowadays, everything is easier with Automation. With the AC690PROyf, air conditioning service is fully automatic.
The advantages of the AC690PROyf at a glance
  • Professional equipment as standard
  • Fully automatic service process
  • Single service process selectable
  • Service hoses flushing function for Hybrid/electrical systems compatibility
  • Separate OIL/UV dye injection bottles
  • Electronic control of internal air exchange
  • Integrated flushing program with optional kit
  • Automatic purge of non-condensable gas
  • Easy internal filter maintenance
  • Serviceability: easy Filter dryer and vacuum pump oil change
  • Printer

Tech Specs:

Refrigerant: R-1234yf
Operating modes: Fully automatic
Manual valves: Yes, 2 (LP & HP)
Single processing mode selection(recovery, vaccum,charge functions): YES
Recovery function: Automatic
Oil drain: Automatic
Vacuum function: Automatic
Leak test: Automatic
Oil injection: Automatic
UV dye injection: Automatic
Refrigerant charge: Automatic with electronic scale
Flushing function: Yes (flushing kit optional)
Hybrid oil function: Service hoses flushing only
Air purging: Automatic with electronic control
Accuracy of scales: ± 5 g
Pressure gauge for HP/LP: 60 mm, class 1
Tank pressure display: Digital
Display: Monochrome graphical display (240 x 160)
User interface: 21 languages
Printer: YES
Vehicle database: yes (cars)
Data exchange: USB
Service hoses: 2.44 m, SAE J2888
Vacuum pump: Dual-stage vacuum pump: 170 l/min
Refrigerant tank: 20 kg, PED certified
Oil bottles: 250 ml
UV dye bottle: 50 ml
Oil/UV bottles (scope of delivery): 3 standard bottles + 1 UV dye bottle
Vibration-resistant refrigerant scale: YES
Recovery rate: < 95%
Compressor: 1/4 HP
CE mark: YES
SAE standards: NO
Dimensions: 690 × 660 x 1270 mm
Weight: 120 kg (with empty refrigerant tank)
Power supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature: 10 °C to 50 °C
Software Updates: 
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